Webinars which provide the basic knowledge needed for understanding important topics in the biomolecular modelling and simulations field.

Webinar: “Introduction to the Common Workflow Language (CWL) project” (2017-06-21) 1

Discuss this webinar View slides View webinar Workflows Interest Group BioExcel’s webinar series continues with Michael Crusoe, CWL Project co-founder & Community Engineer, who will introduce the Common Workflow Language (CWL) project. In July 2016 the CWL team released standards that enable the portable, interoperable, and executable description of command line data analysis tools and […]

Webinar: Assessing structure quality in the PDB archive (2017-02-08)

Discuss this webinar View slides on SlideShare  Join Interest Group BioExcel’s webinar series on computational methods and applications for biomolecular research continued on 8th February. Matthew Conroy, a scientific curator at EMBL-EBI presented his talk, “Assessing structure quality in the PDB Archive”. Models in the PDB archive are an interpretation of the experimental […]