Our Ambassador Program aims to ensure optimal and broad use of the BioExcel core software and to strengthen the biomolecular modeling and simulation community across Europe and worldwide.

The objectives of the Ambassador Program are:

  • To establish strong links with national biomolecular modeling and simulation communities,
  • To understand their needs regarding training, software functionality and support,
  • To raise awareness of BioExcel core applications and what can be achieved using them in terms of functionality and performance,
  • To improve the uptake of BioExcel tools and support and achieve wider promotion of BioExcel’s activities across Europe and globally

Ambassador Council

The Ambassador Council has been established to help meet these objectives. All Ambassadors;

  • Are members of a leading European academic or government institution working in the field of computational biomolecular modelling and simulations,
  • Are interested in proactively engaging with the local/national research communities to promote BioExcel’s activities and provide insights into their needs,
  • Will work with BioExcel to organise national/regional training events.

If you fit the above profile and would like to represent your country as part of the Ambassador Council please contact us at info@bioexcel.eu. This is a great opportunity to fully integrate with partners and members of the BioExcel CoE and the European biomolecular modeling and simulation community as a whole. Once chosen, Ambassadors will;

  • Become members of the Ambassador Council
  • Participate in the BioExcel CoE development roadmap
  • Suggest topics for the yearly training events with program proposed by the Ambassador Council
  • Bring up questions/issues/etc. from the local communities to the attention of BioExcel partners
  • Be listed on the Ambassador Council page on the BioExcel website

Ambassador Program Events

Training event Lead Organizers Date
Carpathian Edition Slovakia Austria, Czechia, Hungary Autumn 2023 (18-19 October)
Atlantic Edition Portugal France, Ireland, Spain, (Belgium) Autumn 2024 (26-28 November)
Balkan Edition Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia Spring 2025
Adriatic Edition Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia Autumn 2025
Aegean Edition Cyprus, Greece, Türkiye, (Israel) Spring / Autumn 2026
Aurora Edition Denmark, Finland, Norway, (Iceland), (Sweden)
Spring / Autumn 2026

Ambassador Council members