The EGI Applications Database (AppDB) is a central service that stores and provides to the public information about:

  • software solutions in the form of native software products, virtual appliances and/or software appliances,
  • the programmers and the scientists who are involved, and
  • publications derived from the registered solutions

The BioExcel Cloud Portal uses the EGI AppDB as a directory for virtual appliances (e.g. Virtual Machines) referenced by the Elixir Tools and Data Services Registry. By doing so it integrates to of the most widely known and better supported infrastructures to distribute tools and services for computational biologists.

BioExcel is represented within AppDB by its Virtual Organisation (VO). There you can find information about the project and access the available virtual appliances. You can access BioExcel Virtual Organisation here.

An open registry

The EGI Applications Database is open to every scientist, interested on publishing and therefore sharing, his/her software solution. The only prerequisite, is to be owner of a valid account. After that, you will be able to take advantage of the authenticated write-enabled features of the AppDB service and more specific to register your software product and/or virtual appliance.

Further questions?

Please, contact us about further information on how to include BioExcel tools through EGI AppDB and You can also discuss workflow related topics in the related forum.