The BioExcel Training Programme has been developed from a competency-based training needs analysis. Our first step has been to draw up a list of things people need to know or be able to do to interact efficiently with the BioExcel services. This was done with the aid of the community and sent out for wider consultation.

The competencies has been mapped against existing training and new training courses and material will be developed to fill the gaps that were identified.

The BioExcel Training Programme includes face-to-face training events, webinars and a range of online tutorials and courses.

Training events

Here are the upcoming courses.

No Events

For a list of other activities please visit the BioExcel events pages

Training Webinars

The Knowledge Resource Center contains training resources relevant to BioExcel
Knowledge Resource Center

Contact if you are interested in participating during one of our training events or if you would like training on one of our resources/codes at your home institute.