BioExcel CoE series of educational webinars for computational biomolecular research. The series cover broad topics related to the latest development of the supported software packages; their application to modelling and simulation; best practices for performance tuning and efficient usage on HPC and novel architectures; introductory tutorials for entry level users and much more.

Webinar: COMPSs: a high level framework for the development of parallel applications (2018-11-07)

BioExcel’s webinar series continue with a presentation by Dr. Daniele Lezzi, Barcelona Supercomputing Center. Register Abstract One of the biggest challenges in the programming of scientific application is the efficient exploitation of computing infrastructures. In the era of Big Data applications one of the pressing requirements on the researcher is […]

Webinar: Open Force Field Initiative: The SMIRNOFF format and learned chemical perception (2018-10-10)

 BioExcel’s webinar series continue with a presentation by Caitlin C. Bannan Mobley Group, UC Irvine – Chemistry Department Register Abstract The Open Force Field Initiative (openforcefield.org) is developing a machinery to automatically parameterize molecular mechanics force fields. An important part of this process will be automating chemical perception — […]

Webinar: Immersive visual exploration of biomolecular systems in virtual reality – from static views to interactive dynamics (2018-10-04)

 BioExcel’s webinar series continue with a presentation by Marc Baaden, CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique). Register Abstract For several years now, my team pursues the goal to study complex molecular assemblies through interactive visualization, manipulation and analysis approaches to aid hypothesis generation and exploration of complex datasets. […]

Webinar: Molecular simulation control and extension with gmxapi for GROMACS. (2018-09-19) 1

 BioExcel’s webinar series continue with a presentation by Eric Irrgang, Kasson Lab Register Abstract gmxapi is a framework and front-end designed to support new methods in molecular simulation. A Python package provides a scriptable interface to manage ensembles of simulations. A C++ extension interface allows researchers to attach custom […]

Webinar: BioSimSpace – filling the gaps between molecular simulation codes (2018-06-27)

 BioExcel’s webinar series continue with a presentation by Chris Woods, Bristol Register Abstract BioSimSpace (https://biosimspace.org) is a flagship software project from the CCP-BioSim (https://ccpbiosim.ac.uk) and HEC-BioSim (https://hecbiosim.ac.uk) biomolecular modelling communities. The project aims to make it easier for researchers to develop, share and re-use biomolecular simulation workflow nodes. The […]

Webinar: Furthering our understanding of Antibody Structure space: the Pistoia Alliance AbVance project (2018-06-13)

 BioExcel’s webinar series continue with a presentation by Sebastian Kelm and Richard Norman   Register Abstract Biologic drugs are expected to contribute to more than half of therapeutic product sales by 2022, thus overtaking traditional small molecule drugs in terms of market share. Analysts predict that the global biologics market […]