Extreme-Scale Computing at the Heart of Life Sciences Research”

Wide adoption of advanced, cutting-edge technologies in a given area of research is an arduous and lengthy process. It requires high-quality products (software solutions) and services ( such as support, training, automation etc.) to be developed, promoted and maintained, through coordinated efforts of the community.

Thus, our vision is for BioExcel CoE to be a focal point and major driving force of the international efforts towards embedding extreme-scale computing at the heart of Life Science research.


Provide high-quality, user-friendly software.

Increase researchers expertise and skills.

Strengthen the community.”

Computational modelling and simulation techniques have long since become crucial tools for Life Science researchers. Powerful and sophisticated software packages are critically important for fundamental and applied research, including industrial development, in particular in the areas of drug design, biotechnology, food and chemical industries. At the same time, data and computing e-Infrastructure is relatively under-utilized in the Life Sciences, and many advanced techniques are not routinely applied owing to limited experience. Powerful software is available but difficult to use and thus presenting hurdle to new comers to the field. The Life Science community is large but insufficiently tight and coordinated.

Thus, our mission is to provide applications, tools, support, and networking opportunities to Life Science researchers. By doing that, we will enable them to address grand scientific challenges by fully exploiting the power of data and computing e-infrastructure.