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In close collaboration MolSSI and BioExcel have built the COVID-19 Molecular Structure and Therapeutics Hub ( to gather and disseminate the molecular sciences’ community efforts on the pandemic in one location. The main goals of this Hub are to provide a single source for researchers in the Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD), the Drug Discovery (DD), molecular modeling, and molecular simulation communities to not only share their efforts, but benefit from the products of others looking to contribute their scientific prowess and help tackle the ongoing pandemic.

In this webinar, Levi Naden will be presenting the Hub in both how to access its data and how to contribute your own data. He’ll also be talking about the importance of a place to track the greater scientific efforts into the COVID-19 pandemic and the partnerships and collaborations which have contributed time, expertise, resources, and data; all in the name of bringing the scientific community together in a way not previously seen to tackle this global crisis.


Levi Naden

Levi Naden
Software Scientist at MolSSI

Levi Naden is a Software Scientist at MolSSI and lead for COVID-19 Molecular Structure and Therapeutics Hub project. Levi has a background in computational free energy algorithms, scientific software development and deployment, and software interoperability. He has a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Kansas State University and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Virginia.

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Title: The COVID-19 Molecular Structure and Therapeutics Hub

Date: 25th June, 2020
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