molecular dynamics

The Impact of the HydroxyMethylCytosine epigenetic signature on DNA structure and function

In Eukaryotic cells, DNA epigenetic modifications play an important role in gene expression and regulation, and protein recognition. In this work we investigate the physical implications of cytosine 5-hydroxymethylation on DNA, its structural and flexibility differences with methylated and unmodified cytosine using molecular dynamics, biophysical experiments and NMR spectroscopy. [...]

3dRS, a Web-Based Tool to Share Interactive Representations of 3D Biomolecular Structures and Molecular Dynamics Trajectories

3D Representation Sharing (3dRS) is a web-based tool designed to share biomolecular structure representations, including 4D ensembles derived from Molecular Dynamics (MD) trajectories. The server offers a team working in different locations a single URL to share and discuss structural data in an interactive fashion, with the possibility to use it as a live figure for scientific papers. The web tool allows an easy upload of structures and trajectories in different formats. [...]

Dynamic closed states of a ligand-gated ion channel captured by cryo-EM and simulations

Here, we report cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) structures of the proton-activated Gloeobacter violaceus ligand-gated ion channel (GLIC) under three pH conditions. Decreased pH was associated with improved resolution and side chain rearrangements at the subunit/domain interface, particularly involving functionally important residues in the β1–β2 and M2–M3 loops. [...]