In order to improve the efficiency and uptake of computational techniques in biomolecular applications, the core services offered by the center provide

More efficient, scalable, and functional software

Through increasing the efficiency, scalability, and functionality of key biomolecular software, the computational costs will drastically be reduced. This will lead to shorter times to solution, better exploitation of the available hardware, faster development cycles and increased effectiveness of key products like new drugs, fertilizers, or new properties of crops.

Improved access to data- and e-Infrastructures

Lowering the barrier to access data and e-Infrastructures will facilitate the uptake of computational technologies in the target sectors, improve their efficiency and directly contribute to increased productivity and competitiveness.

Consultancy and training for academia and industry

By providing training programs built on scientific and technological excellence, the consultancy services will contribute to improved academic research output and foster the international competitiveness of European industry. Of particular importance is the expected growth of the usage of HPC and HTC technologies by the biosciences community where the need for such services is of particular importance.

Value proposition

The key value propositions delivered by the centre operations are:

  • Driving key biomolecular application development for the benefit of key users, including adaption of widely used software for future hardware development;
  • Ease the use of e-Infrastructure through workflows and data management capabilities;
  • Providing a complete chain of services for biomolecular life-science application implementation on e-Infrastructures through our partners and their contact network.
  • Considerably shortening the time to obtaining results across all market segments.
  • Improving the utilization of hardware resources (potential direct monetary savings).
  • Intensifying collaborative software development work and the quality thereof
  • Strengthening the European life science software ecosystem and encourage collaborations between academia and ISVs

Target user groups

Services provided by the center are directed to the following segments:

  • Academia and non-profit
    • users of the supported software
    • developers of related biomolecular software and environments
    • resource providers such as national HPC centers
  • Industry
    • users of the supported software incl. pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries
    • independent software vendors (ISVs)
    • commercial resource providers of HPC, Cloud and related technologies

Initially the centre will engage with European stakeholders and gradually expand the geographical coverage.