OMICtools is a manually curated web resource to retrieve and discuss biological data analysis analysis tools. This goes from standalone software to APIs and databases. All the tools are classified either as Technologies (Mass spectrometry, NMR spectroscopy, BioImaging, etc.) or Interpretation (Proteomics & Metabolomics, Systems & Synthetic biology, etc.).The different filters allow you to refine your search to specific Categories (Protein-protein docking, protein-ligand docking, protein-protein interface prediction, etc.), Operating System, Interface (web portal, command-line, etc.) and others.

One of the main strength of OMICtools is the growing community of life scientists and computational biologists who share and review the tools. The platform facilitates interaction between scientists, via open forums and by connecting bioinformaticians and developers with their end-users. As of today, it provides an overview of more that 22,000 software and databases with the help of 92 volunteer curators.


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