BioExcel users of COMPSs or PyCOMPSs will be interested to learn about a new, installable version of the software just released by BSC. With the objective of promoting PyCOMPSs/COMPSs in the Python community, BSC has released this installable package to be used in its PATC tutorial on February 2nd.

This installable package, developed by the BSC Workflows and Distributed Computing team, aims to make installation and use of PyCOMPSs and COMPSs much easier for users.

This initiative aims to promote the framework within the Python community. Additionally to the PIP installable package, the team is working on a prototype integration with the Jupyter notebook, an interface highly used by Python programmers to develop and share their Python scripts and data. This prototype will be used in the coming PyCOMPSs/COMPSs tutorial to be delivered in Barcelona on February 2nd, in the framework of the PATC trainings.

BSC Press Release