We are pleased to announce that the HADDOCK, DISVIS and POWERFIT services have become part of the EGI Foundation community of services.

EGI is a pan-European and worldwide publicly funded e-Infrastructure providing high-performance computing resources to researchers, fostering innovation and discovery. The e-infrastructure comprises over 300 different data centres, and gives users access to over 700,000 logical CPUs and 500 PB of storage space. The goal is to give researchers in all fields easy, seamless access to the computing resources and expertise they need to improve their research.

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HADDOCK, DISVIS and POWERFIT are services developed at the Univerisity of Utrecht, a BioExcel partner. HADDOCK is one the premiere docking software solutions available, while the DISVIS and POWERFIT servers offer different, tailored services – DISVIS allows you to visualize and quantify the information content of distance restraints between macromolecular complexes. while POWERFIT is designed to automatically fit high-resolution atomic structures into cryo-EM densities. Support for all three services is available via Ask.BioExcel.

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