Extreme-Scale Demonstrators Networking 2017

ETP4HPC have set up a process to fulfill numerous requests to facilitate networking among parties interested in participating in Extreme-Scale Demonstrators (EsD) projects. Any organisation or project interested in participating in an EsD project has been invited to take advantage of this facility.

We have followed this process:

  1. The following entities have been requested to participate: the whole of ETP4HPC, all FETHPC, FP7 HPC, CoE and related projects, all EsD workshop participants, all system integrators, EXDCI Technical Board and PRACE.
  2. Thirty organisations/companies/projects have responded and we have compiled this file with their replies (including their contact details). We are sharing this file including the contact info with the group originally approached with this request. If you an ETP4HPC member, you can also access this file through the Members’ Area.
  3. We have published a compiled file WITHOUT any contact info on our website (i.e. only project/organisation profiles).
  4. If someone from the outside of the group above wishes to contact you, they will need to fill out this form and send it to the Office. The Office will then we pass that request on to the entities selected by that someone. It will be up to you to make a contact if you wish.

Full details available here

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