(Update: Recordings of the workshop presentations are available here and on our Youtube channel. And here are the slides from the talks.)

BioExcel is organizing a workshop on “Sharing Data from Molecular Simulations”. This event will be located at the Rönnerberga Konferens center on Lidingö island (Sweden) from the 25th to the 27th of November.

The goal of this workshop is to define best practices to share data from molecular simulations, with potential extensions to related methods in computational biology/chemistry. This workshop will unite academics from multiple countries and disciplines, as well as scientists from organizations promoting software development and open science. Together, we hope to define new and better ways to share data, and propose guidelines for researchers who are interested in disseminating data and codes generated by their research.

4 main topics will be discussed:

  • Reproducibility of molecular simulations
  • Tools for trajectory file sharing
  • Standardization of file formats
  • Streamlining molecular simulations data

The event is by invitation only but questions can be posted and discussions started beforehand on BioExcel Twitter ( @BioExcelCoE ) using the hashtag #SDMS18. Discussions will be recorded and then available on the Bioexcel website.