This year’s  Biomolecular simulation meeting will be held at SciLifeLab Uppsala on 24th May.

BioExcel are proud to be supporting this year’s meeting, through our partner institution KTH and partner member SciLifeLab.

Workshops and meetings such as these are key to our core aims, which are 1) improving the performance and scalability of major applications for biomolecular simulations – GROMACS, HADDOCK and CPMD; 2) developing user-friendly and automated workflow solutions for computation and data handling based on platforms such as CWL, Galaxy, KNIME, OpenPHACTS, Taverna and COMPSs, 3) providing advanced support to the user communities.


In support of the communities, BioExcel is awarding two prizes for best poster and best presentation. We are also sponsors of the social event after the main programme.

To register for the Workshop (including the opportunity to present a short talk during one of the sessions), please visit the website.