The Institut Pasteur in Paris regularly holds ‘ecole thématique’ – courses for a variety of biological needs. Alexandre Bonvin, of BioExcel partner Utrecht University, and developer of the HADDOCK docking software, will be one of the instructors on this course. This will be a five-day, intensive school on bioinformatics.


Understanding physical and functional interactions between molecules in living systems is crucial in many biological processes. Several powerful methods and techniques have been developed to generate molecular interaction data, focusing mainly on protein­-protein interactions (PPIs). In particular, PPIs involving partially or completely unstructured regions are building blocks of regulatory and signalling networks that control cell response to external and internal cues. Exploring these interactions may help understanding a protein’s function and behavior, predicting biological processes that a protein of unknown function is involved in, and characterising protein complexes that can be used to modulate or perturb known biological processes and pathways.

For full details and to apply to attend, visit the Institut Pasteur website. Applications must be submitted by 15 January 2017.