BioExcel is proud to support the launch of a new ELIXIR Community in Structural Bioinformatics – 3D-BioInfo.

ELIXIR Communities enable the participation of communities of practice in different areas of the life sciences in the activities of ELIXIR (with home BioExcel has extensive collaboration activities), which underpin the evolution of a data, tools, interoperability, compute and training infrastructure for European life science informatics (see ELIXIR supports its formally recognised Communities by providing funding for workshops and short collaborative projects associated with the Community.

Structural bioinformatics has a broad impact across the life sciences and provides tools to archive, visualise, analyse, annotate, and predict molecular structures. The science of structural bioinformatics is traditionally very strong in Europe offering many software tools, methodologies, and databases, as well as community-wide prediction challenges. Its applications cover research activities from structural biology to drug discovery and personalised medicine that are all well represented within the national ELIXIR nodes.

At the meeting there will be presentations from structural bioinformatics groups engaged in or planning ELIXIR endorsed activities around structure based analyses and prediction methods. There will also be presentations from other ELIXIR communities (including BioExcel) with related interests and from ELIXIR platforms with guidance on how structural bioinformatics groups can collaborate with ELIXIR support. Importantly, we will have a session planning the activities and aims that will form the basis of a white paper to submit to the ELIXIR hub for endorsement as a Community in Structural Bioinformatics.

This meeting will be held on Friday 19th October, the day after the SWISS-MODEL 25th Anniversary Symposium, being held in an adjacent venue. It is not necessary to register for the SWISS-MODEL meeting to attend the 3D-BioInfo meeting.

The meeting will start at 10.00 am and end at 5.30pm.

There will be a cost of 50 CHF to register for the meeting.

The meeting will be capped at 100 participants so please register soon to avoid disappointment.