Since its inception in 2015, the BioExcel CoE has had a large and measurable impact on science, technology, and education. Our work exemplifies that producing high-quality and user-friendly software and spreading necessary expertise are the main pathways towards achieving broad societal impact. In doing so we have built and are continuously expanding a strong community. We have enabled user needs to drive HPC software development, and educated users to creatively adapt to the abilities and limitations of HPC systems for solving scientific challenges through better software, and better use of it. These activities form the foundation on which we have developed the roadmap of BioExcel activities.

To achieve our mission, i.e. put HPC at the heart of Life Science research, we engage with a wide variety of communities. Joint activities and projects help us to understand their interests, priorities and concerns, which in turn allows us to provide the exact products, services and expertise. On these pages we map the main communities and describe our interactions with them.

Software Developers

Building Software Together

Sharing expertise on best practices for software development, and advanced methods for HPC performance and scalability optimization.


Our largest user community

We provide open-source software, use cases, expertise, training, usability solutions and workforce education to the broader academic communities.


Accelerating Drug Discovery

Large and small pharma and biotech companies have adopted our tools in their drug discovery pipelines.

Ambassador Program

Our global network

Close engagement and expansion of our user community across Europe and beyond.

Infrastructure Providers

Optimized codes for each HPC Centre

Most centres in Europe offer our codes. GROMACS is part of many benchmarking suites which are used by HPC providers during procurement processes with vendors.

Hardware Vendors

Co-design. The way to go.

Co-design activities with major vendors (Intel, Nvidia, ARM, Fujitsu etc.) ensure support on all modern hardware and optimal code execution.

Policy Makers

Developing strategic agendas

R&I advisory bodies incorporate our feedback in their strategic agendas.

Funding Bodies

Shaping programs for addressing societal and scientific challenges

We contribute to global strategic programs for development of science, education and collaboration.


Reaching out to everyone

Communicating the outcomes and impact of our work to the general public. Showcasing the scientific and societal benefits.