BioExcel established a collaborative partnership with Multiscale Complex Genomics Virtual Research Environment (MuG VRE) to bridge the gap and facilitate the adoption of biomolecular modelling and simulation techniques by the genomics research communities.

MuG VRE supports the expanding 3D/4D genomics community by developing tools to integrate the navigation in genomics data from sequence to 3D/4D chromatin dynamics data. MuG VRE services include: personal user workspace, community-tailored tools and workflows and integrated user support. In addition, MuG offers training activities and community events, with the aim to enhance multidisciplinary communication and contribute to standardization in tools and methods.

BioExcel is engaging with MuG researchers on provisioning of tailored solutions such as VMs for the needs of the genomics community, defining a long-term collaborative framework for training, organizing thematic meetings, dedicated schools and educational webinars for increasing the adoption and expertise in biomolecular techniques within relevant genomics communities.