BioExcel Building Blocks (biobb) has been identified as an ‘Exploring’ innovation by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar initiative, joining 3600+ European Union-funded innovations already showcased on the platform. In this analysis, the Innovation Radar also identified project partners Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), IRB Barcelona and The University of Manchester as key innovators in the development of this innovation.  

The biobb software library is a collection of Python wrappers that create a new layer of compatibility and interoperability over popular biomolecular simulation tools. The software design provides an interoperability layer, while the packaging strategy and common workflow language descriptions make biomolecular simulation workflows reproducible and portable.

“The adaptor layer allows the connection of biomolecular simulation workflows with pipeline management systems, from graphical user interfaces to pre-exascale, high performance computing focused managers such as PyCOMPSs and Toil,” says Adam Hospital, biobb coordinator.

Find out how to build your own biobb and access latest releases and tutorials via the biobb website.

About Innovation Radar

The Innovation Radar is the European Commission’s data-driven method to identify high-potenial innovations and key innovators funded through EU programmes. EU-funded innovations are categorised in terms of market maturity and disruptive potential based on the indicator systems developed by the Joint Research Centre. The data suggests a list of targeted actions assisting innovators to fulfil their potential in the market.