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We are really happy to kick off our series of Integrative Modelling related-news and events. It starts with this first newsletter that, we hope, will spark off some interesting discussions on the Integrative Modelling Interest Group. We aim at sending you every month a short email with some headlines covering the last developments in the field of Integrative Modelling. Feel free to contribute to it by suggesting some content/events on the dedicated forum.

In this newsletter, you will find:

• A short interview with the author of a software/method used in Integrative Modelling

• Highlights on one or two recent publications in the field

• A list of events (courses, conferences, workshops, webinars, ...) related to Integrative Modelling

• Some tips on software, scripts or web services that we would like to share with you

Finally, you can find a digest of all this information the main page of our community.


Lights on... Mathieu Montes - co-creator of UDock

Mathieu Montes is a professor at Conservatoire National des Arts et des Métiers (CNAM) in Paris, FRANCE. After a PhD (2007) in Université Paris Descartes, where he worked on the development and applications of drug-design and in silico screening techniques, Mathieu became assistant professor in molecular modelling and the head of a drug-design group at the CNAM (2009). There he developed UDock, together with Guillaume Levieux, a gamified interactive protein docking software. Mathieu has been appointed professor at CNAM (2015), where he keeps working at the interplay between structural biology, chemo-informatics and drug-design. He accepted to answer a few questions...
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A. Sali et al. (2016)
Outcome of the First wwPDB Hybrid/Integrative Methods Task Force Workshop
Structure, Volume 23, Issue 7, 1156-1167.
SUMMARY: Structures of biomolecular systems are increasingly computed by integrative modeling that relies on varied types of experimental data and theoretical information. We describe here the proceedings and conclusions from the first wwPDB Hybrid/Integrative Methods Task Force Workshop held at ... Read more

Tips & Tricks

Today, we will see some tricks to easily and quickly manipulate PDB files via two broadly used interfaces: Shell-based scripting and a PyMol built-in feature.
Do not hesitate to share your own tricks!