Archived: Postdoctoral Position in Molecular Dynamics, FZ Jülich

BioExcel partner IAS-5/INM-9 at the Forschungszentrum Jülich (Germany) is looking for a talented young researcher with a PhD degree in physics, theoretical chemistry, applied mathematics, or in a related field, for a postdoctoral position on Molecular Dynamics-based Estimation of Parameters for Subcellular Modelling. In particular, the postdoc will characterize microscopic processes occurring in the neuronal cascades such as protein-ligand association/dissociation and enzymatic reactions by performing classical molecular dynamics and Car-Parrinello-based QM/MM simulations, and employing enhanced sampling methods like metadynamics. Collaborations with other European leading experimental and theoretical labs are envisaged.

Salary and social benefits are in conformity with the provisions of the German Collective Agreement for the Civil Service (TVöD). The Jülich Research Center is one of the largest research centers in Germany, with excellent scientific equipment and leading European computational resources, located on a green campus, and near the cultural centers Köln, Düsseldorf, and Aachen.

The position is extendable up to two years. The ideal postdoctoral candidate should have some background/experience in classical and/or QM/MM MD simulations, statistical/soft matter physics, C/C++ programming languages,

Contact person: Prof. Paolo Carloni