Training IG

We started the Training Interest Group (IG) to be able to connect to other training professionals and international training initiatives.

The Training IG has the following aims:

  • Improve visibility of training initiatives and individual courses/resources. Members of the Training IG will be able to act as liaisons to other training initiatives.
  • Facilitate collaboration between projects to promote best practice and efficient use of resources.
  • Improve communication between “computational trainers” and “life science trainers”.
  • Promote the importance of high quality training

The Training IG is for you if you are responsibility for or have an interest in training within your institute or project or are a training professional (trainer, coordinator, lecturer) in a life sciences and/or computational field.

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Vera Matser leads the Training Interest Group,

feel free to contact her on

Upcoming events

BioExcel Community Forum, 22nd-23rd November 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The training IG is running three sessions during the BioExcel Community Forum

*Draft programme – subject to change*

Session 0 [continuous – central platform] User Testing of the Knowledge Resource Centre – with gamification for adding new resources

Session 1 (22nd November @14:15 to 17:15 pm)): Creating reference persona and use cases for BioExcel community.
In this session we will be exploring user profiles of potential BioExcel users and try to understand if we can distil generic use cases. Depending on how long the first part of the session takes we may expand into mapping to created reference user profiles to the BioExcel competency profile and explore their training needs.

Session 2/3 (23rd November @ 9am – 12:15 (optional extension to 15:00 for report writing): Brainstorming on webinar guidelines
This session is a brainstorming exercise to create a coherent document with guidelines for webinar speakers and organisers. It should cover everything from different webinar styles, how to keep your audience engaged, and how to encourage interactivity during your webinar. We encourage attendance by webinar organisers and welcome input from webinar attendees, as well as experienced and inexperienced webinar speakers. The final document will be made publicly available, and we will organise a webinar to disseminate our results.

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Lifelong Learning in the Biomedical Sciences

EMBL Conference, 5-7 Dec 2017, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
This second EMBL conference on Lifelong Learning in the Biomedical Sciences will bring together diverse stakeholders from across the academic, industrial, professional and training sectors to share best practice and actively shape the landscape of continuing professional development in the biomedical sciences.

The Training IG will be running a workshop during LLL17

“How to engage users with a competency profile” – Full details

Workshop leaders: Vera Matser (BioExcel/EMBL-EBI), Rebecca Ludwig (C-COMEND/EATRIS) and Vitae (representative TBC)

Competency profiles describe the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to fulfil a particular role. They can be used by employers for the recruitment, training and development of staff and teams, by professional bodies to define professions, by individuals as a career development tool and to gain professional recognition, and by course providers to develop training programmes. However, competency profiles can often at first sight look inaccessible and non-engaging.

The workshop will present three examples of how different initiatives have facilitated user interaction with competency profiles. This will be followed by a discussion on the opportunities and challenges of getting users to engage with competency profiles (e.g. visualising a competency profile, user retention, the common pitfalls of presenting a profile. Breakout groups will look at specific types of users. Workshop outcomes will include a set of guidelines on how to engage users with a competency profile.

The workshop is aimed at: organisations who have developed a competency profile or are using an external profile and would like to come up with a successful way for their target users to interact with it individuals who want to get the most out of publicly available competency profiles organisations or individuals who wish to share their experiences of interacting with competency profiles

Past events

Webinar: Defining training requirements for biomolecular researchers with high computational needs – 23/11/2016 – Video in the link