Stian Soiland-Reyes

PyCOMPSs as an instrument for Translational Computer Science

This paper describes our experience with the PyCOMPSs project, a programming model for distributed computing. While it is a research instrument for our team, it has also been applied in multiple real use cases under the umbrella of European Funded projects or as part of internal projects between various departments at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). The paper illustrates how the authors have engaged in TCS as an underlying research methodology, collecting experiences from three European projects. [...]

Interface refinement of low- to medium-resolution Cryo-EM complexes using HADDOCK2.4

A wide range of cellular processes requires the formation of multimeric protein complexes. The rise of cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) has enabled the structural characterization of these protein assemblies. The density maps produced can, however, still suffer from limited resolution, impeding the process of resolving structures at atomic resolution. In order to solve this issue, monomers can be fitted into low- to medium-resolution maps. Unfortunately, the models produced frequently contain atomic clashes at the protein-protein interfaces (PPIs), as intermolecular interactions are typically not considered during monomer fitting. Here, we present a refinement approach based on HADDOCK2.4 to remove intermolecular clashes and optimize PPIs. A dataset of 14 cryo-EM complexes was used to test eight protocols. [...]

A Community Roadmap for Scientific Workflows Research and Development

The landscape of workflow systems for scientific applications is notoriously convoluted with hundreds of seemingly equivalent workflow systems, many isolated research claims, and a steep learning curve. To address some of these challenges and lay the groundwork for transforming workflows research and development, the WorkflowsRI and ExaWorks projects partnered to bring the international workflows community together. [...]