Issue 38 | July 2021
Dear reader,

It has been an exciting week with the announcement of the DeepMind and EMBL partnership! The launch of the Alpha Fold Protein Structure Database will offer the most complete and accurate picture of the human proteome increasing the knowledge of high-accuracy human protein structures.

Michelle Mendonca
Digital Strategy Officer
A laptop, cup,notepad and phone on a brown table

Hear from our 2021 BioExcel Summer School participants

"Despite the distance, it was definitively a complete, valuable, and full of knowledge week." Hear from Julián Fernández and Victor H. Vargas Bermúdez about their experiences at the virtual BioExcel Summer School.
a protein molecule highlighted in red, green and blue

DeepMind and EMBL release the most complete database of predicted 3D structures of human proteins

DeepMind announced its partnership with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory to design the most complete database of predicted protein structure models.
Nostrum Biodiscovery

Exciting news: AlphaFold code released

Nostrum Biodiscovery has been testing AlphaFold to use it in their Drug Discovery projects as soon as possible.
A monitor with software codes on the screen

Distributing hardware-optimized simulation software with Conda

Research Software Engineers have been working to develop Conda packages for GROMACS, making it easier for researchers to run the software and increase reproducibility from computational workflow systems.

Watch: Constant pH molecular dynamics in GROMACS

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