Issue 39 | August 2021
Dear reader,

We have reopened the poster submission for the BioExcel/EMBO Conference: Advances and Challenges in Biomolecular Simulations! The deadline for submission is 24 September with fee waivers and childcare grants available for all applicants.

Don't forget to register for our webinar on 21 September where Summer School poster prize winners will present their research on T-cell antigen receptor, antibiotic resistance and stabilization of protein-protein interactions.

Michelle Mendonca
Digital Strategy Officer
EMBO workshop: Advanvces and Challenges in Biomolecular Simulations, 18 - 21 October 2021. Poster submission and registration deadline is 24 September

Poster submission open for EMBO Conference: Advances and Challenges in Biomolecular Simulations

Submit your abstract for the poster session by 24 September. Topics include free energy and validation, sampling, molecular simulation, structural bioinformatics and drug design.
GROMACS. Fast. Flexible. Free

GROMACS Tutorials now live

You can now find all your favourite tutorials in one place! Visit to learn about umbrella sampling, free energy of solvation and Accelerated Weight Histogram method.
Protein molecule

Summer School Edition Webinar

Join us on 21 September to hear about the latest research on COVID-19, antibiotic resistance and T-cell antigen receptor modelling.
A monitor with software codes on the screen

PRACE Autumn School: Fundamentals of Biomolecular Simulations and Virtual Drug Development

The week-long training event will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of modern methods for biomolecular simulations - molecular dynamics (MD), 3D QSAR, integrative modelling, free energy and hybrid-QM/MM calculations.
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