Issue 34 | March 2021
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We have launched the EU13 user needs survey to improve our reach and training in EU13 countries. Participate in the survey and help us shape BioExcel's services.

Don't forget to submit your application by 11 April for the virtual Summer School on Biomolecular Simulations. Women and underrepresented groups are highly encouraged to apply. Fee waivers are available.

Finally, to celebrate Women's history month, we interviewed Eva Alloza on her journey in computational biology and how her team created the first Advances in Computational Biology conference where all presenters were women.

Michelle Mendonca
Digital Strategy Officer
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Got 5 minutes? We want to hear from you

We would like to bring our training and code support to research groups in EU13 countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. The survey is only 5 questions long and responses will be anonymous. Access the survey.
Summer School on Biomolecular Simulations to be held from 4 - 11 June

Applications closing in two weeks

Are you an early-career researcher using biomolecular modelling and simulation? Submit your application for the virtual Summer School by 11 April and train on GROMACS, HADDOCK, PMX, CP2K and BioExcel Building Blocks.
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Nostrum Biodiscovery is hiring

Nostrum Biodiscovery (NBD) is seeking a Biomolecular Modeler with experience in simulation of biomolecules, molecular dynamics and structure-based drug design.
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Promoting women’s research in computational biology: A conversation with Eva Alloza

To celebrate Internaltional Women's Day, we spoke to Eva Alloza about her career path in computational biology and her involvement in the Bioinfo4Women initiative.


Applying the Accelerated Weight Histogram method to alchemical transformations | 30 March, 15:00 CET

Watch: NB-LIB - A performance portable library for computing forces and energies of multi-particle systems

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