Issue 30 | November 2020
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Dear reader,

This month has been been quite special for us as BioExcel celebrated it's 5 year anniversary! In the last five years, our team has improved the scaling of all core applications with some codes even ready for next-generation hardware that is still under development. We adopted open roadmaps for development and added a plethora of features as requested by the user community. And then COVID-19 struck. Within the early days of the pandemic, BioExcel restructured efforts to address the crisis.

Five years passed and we are not done yet. We will continue our mission to provide life sciences researchers with high-quality, user-friendly software, with the ultimate goal to benefit society.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for being part of our journey and contributing to the growth of BioExcel for all. We hope you will continue to stay with us for more exciting things to come.

Michelle Mendonca
Dissemination Officer
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Celebrating 5 years of BioExcel

Read about some of our key achievements as we reflect on the last 5 years of BioExcel including code development and COVID-19 research.
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BSC releases COMPSs version 2.8

This version of COMPSs updates the result of the team’s work that helps developers to program and execute their applications efficiently on distributed computational infrastructures such as clusters, clouds and container managed platforms.
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Virtual Workshop Series: Best Practices in QM/MM Simulation

This month we launched a special QM/MM webinar series. The goal is to enable researchers with substantial experience and share best practices regarding its effective application. Recordings from past sessions are available on our website.


Multiscale QM/MM simulations: exploring chemical reactions using novel GROMACS/CP2K interface | 8 December
QM/MM Best Practice Workshop webinar: Studies on enzyme-catalysed reactions | 10 December

Watch video: Using competencies to guide training and professional development by Vera Matser and Marta Lloret Llinares

BioExcel webinar on using competencies to guide training and professional development delivered by vera Matser and Marta Llinares
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