Issue 29 | October 2020
Dear reader,

In the following weeks we have two exciting webinars coming up, starting off tomorrow with
the kick-off webinar on Best Practices in QM/MM Simulation of Biomolecular Systems. The workshop will culminate in a live panel discussion between speakers, sharing best practices and aiming to provide guidance to successfully use QM/MM in research.

In next week's webinar, we will display how to use the competency hub, which will enable the definition of different profiles within computational biomolecular research. This will help people identify the abilities they need for a specific role, e.g. computational chemist, software engineer and inform career choices and professional development.

Michelle Mendonca
Dissemination Officer

Launch of BioExcel Facebook page

We are very excited to officially announce our Facebook page. We will be sharing latest industry news, upcoming training events, webinars and more. So be sure to LIKE and FOLLOW us!

Endorsement of Manifesto for COVID-19 Research

BioExcel is proud to endorse the manifesto for EU-COVID-19 Research launched by the European Commission, joining 2000 signatories as part of the response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Release of GROMACS 2020.4

GROMACS 2020.4 is available with new several useful performance improvements. All users of the 2020 series are requested to update to 2020.4.

HADDOCK best practice guide

This best practice guide shows how to run HADDOCK in a rational manner with tutorials of the latest version, published articles and protocols from the HADDOCK group.

    Industry News

    Model of the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp)

    BioExcel’s approach to targeting the RNA-dependent polymerase of SARS-CoV-2

    In response to the COVID-19 disease, BioExcel launched a series of actions to support research on SARS-CoV-2 and our experts are supporting research through a variety of data sharing initiatives and a dedicated molecular dynamics repository.


    QM/MM Best Practice Workshop: Kick-off webinar | 30 October
    Using competencies to guide training and professional development | 5 November

    Watch video: Molecular movies made easy with Molywood

    by Miłosz Wieczór

    Molecular movies made easy with Molywood by Milosz Wieczor
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