Issue 28 | September 2020
Dear reader,

This month we launched the winter edition of the BioExcel School on Biomolecular Simulations after we received a high number of applications for the Summer School. This 5-day virtual course is intended for primarily PhD and post-docs looking to gain training in biomolecular modeling and simulation tools. The programme will be made available on our website by the end of this week, with applications closing on 18 October.

We are also running a webinar on how to make molecular movies with Molywood on 22 October, so don't forget to register to book your place.

Michelle Mendonca
Dissemination Officer
Competency mapper website showcasing projects

Designing training using competencies

The competency mapper was developed to document competencies, allowing course providers to assess the effectiveness of their training model and obtain a better understanding of trainee needs.
MolSSI BioExcel

The COVID-19 Hub exceeds 1000 users

The COVID-19 Hub has reached over 1000 users in August with the simulations page being the most popular. Visit the website to review the submissions and submit your own data as well.
Code together podcast

Understanding our world through GROMACS

Listen to the Code Together podcast with Erik Lindahl as he discusses molecular dynamics simulation using GROMACS and it's role in the global pandemic.


Molecular movies made easy with Molywood | 22 October

Training Events

Practical introduction to QM/MM using CP2K for biomolecular modelling | 13 and 20 October
Remote BioExcel Winter School on Biomolecular Simulations
30 November - 4 December

Watch video: Computational biomolecular simulation workflows with BioExcel building blocks with Adam Hospital

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