Issue 24 | May 2020
Dear reader,

This month, the COVID-19 research page was launched on the BioExcel website to consolidate research and share resources with the wider community.

We have also set up an industry specific news section starting from this month's newsletter to introduce our industry team and bring to you all the latest developments.

Don't forget to register for today's webinar on archiving integrative structures using PDB-Dev at 16:00 CEST.

Michelle Mendonca
Dissemination Officer

New 'COVID-19 Research' section

Stay up to date with the latest research from BioExcel partners on SARS-CoV-2 on our dedicated COVID-19 Research page.
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BioExcel-CV19 interface launched

An online platform has been launched to provide web-access to atomistic-MD trajectories for macromolecules involved in the COVID-19 disease.

Release of GROMACS 2020.2

GROMACS 2020.2 is now available with new several useful performance improvements. All users of the 2020 series are requested to update to 2020.2.

Industry News


BioExcel: A leader in open-source free energy calculation software

BioExcel partners are working on use cases with relevance to the pharmaceutical industry that make use of free energy calculations. If you would like to know more about using pmx with GROMACS for your industry project, please contact


PDB-Dev: A prototype system for archiving integrative structures, 28 May | 15:00 CEST
The HADDOCK2.4 server – new features and a guided demo
11 June | 15:00 CEST

Watch video: Clustering free energy landscapes from molecular dynamics simulations by Lucie Delemotte and Annie Westerlund

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